Versace Crystal Noir

Nomor Produk : 116 | Berat Barang : 500 gr

Versace Crystal Noir eau de parfum is a luscious yet light fragrance with top notes of blackcurrant, black fig and violet to start out airy and fruity.  Middle notes introduce tuberose, frangipani and jasmine to make it floral and feminine.  Sandalwood, vanilla, and heliotropine round the scent out keeping it polished but not overbearingly sweet.  Because of the light and floral nature of Crystal Noir, it is perfect for spring and summer.  Reach for this fragrance to take you away on a tropical vacation, if only for a moment, many say they even smell a hint of coconut.  Although recommended for evening use, Crystal Noir would be fitting for any summer outing whether beach day or elegant party under the stars.

Whether you're a seasonal scent wearer, or looking for your new go to scent Versace Crystal Noir stands out because of it’s uniqueness.  The light yet indulgent scent will get you hooked while the bottle will dress up your vanity.  Crystal Noir is here for the chic and confident woman channeling a glamorous Versace lifestyle.

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